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Title Topics Covered Description Presenter
Mojito: Tale of Two Runtimes basic architecture of Mojito, mojits, MVC in Mojito, ActionContext object, addons, binders, client/server execution Provides a quick overview of Mojito and its core components. Matt Taylor
JS Conf 2012 - Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz device connectivity, network latency, progressive enhancement, JavaScript on client/server, YUI3, client/server runtimes, Mojito MVC, ActionContext API, Mojito library, mojits, binders Discusses how Mojito can solve the problem of serving content to different devices, handle connectivity issues, reduce code duplication, and enables progressive enhancement. Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz
Your Stuff Runs on Both Sides See the topics covered above for JS Conf 2012 - Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz. The slides that accompany the talk given by Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz at JS Conf 2012. See JS Conf 2012 - Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz above to see the presentation. Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz
Caridy Patiño: Mojito for YUI Developers Mojito, mojits, Mojito CLI/store/core/server/client, extending Mojito, context configurations, Node.js, YUI, YUI apps, YUI seed, server/client runtime workflow, affinities, selectors In this YUIConf 2012 presentation, Mojito engineer Caridy Patiño discusses how YUI developers can use Mojito to build both traditional Web and mobile applications. He also explains how Mojito is able to build at scale using the YUI library and YUI tool chains. Caridy Patiño
YUIConf2012: Mojito for YUI Developers See the topics covered above for Caridy Patiño: Mojito for YUI Developers. The slides that accompany the talk given by Caridy Patiño at YUIConf 2012. See the above presentation Caridy Patiño: Mojito for YUI Developers to view the talk. Caridy Patiño


Title Topics Covered Description Narrator
Introducing Cocktails from Yahoo! Mojito, Node.js, YQL, mojits, Livestand Key members of the Cocktails team discuss why Cocktails was created and how it can help developers. Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz, Ren Waldura, Dirk Koehler, Daryl Low
Expanding Yahoo! Axis Across 3 Screens Axis, Cocktails, YUI, Mojito, Shaker, Node.js, Express, HTML5, optimization, adaptation, multiple runtimes, application context, device connectivity The talk covers the Mojito-based implementation of Axis, the “Reuse-Reduce-Replace” software philosophy, and the notions of optimization and adaptation. Caridy Patiño
YUI Open Hours: Yahoo! Axis: Mojito Mojito, YUI plugins, code reuse, Y.CL (communication layer) Yahoo engineers Caridy Patiño and Eugene Kashida discuss what Y! Axis is and the architecture decisions that were made, such as hybrid vs native vs web. Caridy Patiño, Eugene Kashida
YUI Open Hours: Yahoo! Axis Part 2: Mojito Mojito, app/routing/context configurations, models, binders, dimensions Yahoo! engineer Caridy Patiño discusses how Y! Axis uses some of the advanced configuration features of Mojito. Caridy Patiño
YUI Open Hours: Mojito Mojito, YUI, YQL, mojits, assets, Shaker, affinities, app/routing configuration, deploying app to client, ActionContext object, mojitProxy object, binders, testing, JSLint, creating documentation Yahoo engineers Fabian Frank and Diego Ferreiro show how to get started using Mojito and create a basic Mojito app. Fabian Frank, Diego Ferreiro


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Title Source Date Author
Silicon Valley’s War for the Mobile Web VentureBeat 2012-04-25 Jolie O'Dell
Yahoo Hopes Mobile Devs Will Guzzle Mojito InformationWeek 2012-04-03 Thomas Claburn
Hoping Others Will Drink the Kool-Aid, Yahoo Offers its Mojito For Free All Things Digital 2012-04-02 Ina Fried
Yahoo Open Sources Mojito JavaScript Framework eWeek 2012-04-02 Darryl K. Taft
Yahoo Open Sources Mojito, a Developer Framework for Any Device GigaOM 2012-04-02 Ryan Lawler
Yahoo! Open Sources JavaScript Framework Mojito for Cross-Platform Development The Next Web 2012-04-02 Drew Olanoff
Yahoo Dives Deeper Down the Node.js Rabbit Hole With Open-Source Mojito VentureBeat 2012-04-02 Jolie O'Dell
Yahoo Makes Mojito Web App Tool Open Source The Verge 2012-04-02 Andrew Webster
Yahoo!’s Mojito Going Open Source WebProNews 2012-04-02 Zach Walton
Yahoo Open Sources Its Apple App Store Killer Wired 2012-04-02 Cade Metz
Why Ambitious Developers Need More Than Just HTML5 CNET News 2012-03-01 Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz
Yahoo Challenges Apple with a Cocktail of Mobile Publishing Tools Xconomy 2012-01-26 Wade Roush
The Mobile App is Going the Way of the CD-ROM: To the Dustbin of History VentureBeat 2011-11-09 Jolie O'Dell
Yahoo! Cocktails With Mojito JavaScript Framework and Manhattan Cloud InfoQ 2011-11-08 David Bienvenido, III
Yahoo Delivers ‘Cocktails` for Web Developers eWeek 2011-11-04 Darryl K. Taft
Yahoo Mixes 'Cocktails' Web Development Frameworks InformationWeek 2011-11-03 Thomas Claburn
Are Yahoo Cocktails the Answer for Cross-Platform Apps? GigaOM 2011-11-03 Barb Darrow
Yahoo’s ‘Manhattan’ To Rescue Web From the iPad Wired 2011-11-02 Cade Metz

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