REST Library

Mojito has a library to make it easier to make a REST calls to Web services from your model. For implementation details, see Class Y.mojito.lib.REST in the Mojito API documentation.

Including Library

To use the REST library, include the string ‘mojito-rest-lib’ in the requires array, which instructs YUI to load the library. Once the library is loaded, you can use Y.mojito.lib.REST to make REST calls..

YUI.add('MyModel', function(Y, NAME) {
  // Make the REST call.
  // Ask YUI to load the library w/ 'mojito-rest-lib'.
}, '0.0.1', {requires: ['mojito', 'mojito-rest-lib']});


In the model for the recipeSearch mojit below, the REST library is used to make a GET call to the Recipe Puppy API.

YUI.add('recipesearch-model', function(Y, NAME) {
   Y.namespace('mojito.models')[NAME] = {
    recipeSearch: function(count, cb) {
      var url = '';
      var params = {
      var config = {
        timeout: 5000,
        headers: {
          'Cache-Control': 'max-age=0'
      Y.mojito.lib.REST.GET(url, params, config, function(err, response) {
        if (err) {
          return cb(err);
        cb(null, response);
}, '0.0.1', {requires: ['mojito', 'mojito-rest-lib']});