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Mojito Documentation

Mojito Introduction

Learn about Mojito and how it can help you create HTML5/JavaScript applications for the desktop and mobile platforms. You’ll also get a quick tour of the Mojito ecosystem and architecture before delving into the details of configuration, client-side code (binders), and static resources.

Getting Started

Ready to start creating apps? You’ll start with a quickstart that will show you how to install Mojito and then get up an running with Mojito. Once you have Mojito installed and are familiar with the basic steps of creating an app, you can walk through Tutorial: Creating Your First Application to learn about mojits, how to configure routing, modify controller code, and run tests.

Developer Topics

This chapter is intended for developers who have gotten their feet wet and intend to get in deeper with Mojito. We’ll start the discussion with assets, cookies, logging, testing, and then move onto more advanced topics such as composite/framework mojits, extending Mojito, and context configurations.

Code Examples

The code examples are in cookbook format. We took common and very specific problems faced by developers and created simple applications that isolated and then solved the problem. Each example has annotated code snippets to emphasize key points and steps for you to recreate and run the examples.


The reference includes a glossary for Mojito and Cocktails terminology, a comprehensive treatment of the Mojito command-line tool, and troubleshooting tips.

Additional Resources

Besides reading documentation and working through code examples, there are many other ways to learn about Mojito, so we’ve compiled a page where you can find presentations, videos, screencasts, articles, and blogs. You can also find Twitter handles to follow for the latest news and the YDN forum for Mojito, where you can post questions.