Mojito API Overview

This section introduces some of the main features of the Mojito API. Please see the Mojito API documentation that has been built using YUI Doc and is continuously updated.

The API contains the following five modules:

  • ActionContext - is a key module of the Mojito framework, giving you access to the frameworks features from within a controller function.
  • Addons - extensions that provide functionality that lives both on the server and/or client. Each addon provides additional functions through a namespace that is attached directly to the Action Context object and is available when required in a controller.
  • CommonLibs - is a utility library containing methods to handle cookies, access input parameters, and make REST calls.
  • MojitoClient - is the client-side Mojito runtime module containing methods that allow inter-mojit communication through the mojitProxy object.
  • MojitServer - is the module that provides access to the Mojito server.