Demo App

iOS Demo App

The iOS Objective-C demo app is available from our Github page:

The iOS Swift demo app is available from our Github page:

The Search SDK Demo app provides examples on how to customize the search experience:

Content Suggest

This example demonstrates how the SearchViewController can be launched with a pre-populated search term, with “Augmented Reality” and “cats” given as examples.


This example demonstrates other configurable settings in the Mobile Search SDK, which may or may not be highlighted in the rest of the demo app.

iOS Yodel Sample App

This demo app showcases some of the new mobile development tools released by Yahoo:

Features include:

  • Integration of Gemini ads through Flurry Native SDK, along with best practices for integrating native ads in your iOS app
  • Yahoo! Search SDK use cases
  • Basic use cases for Flurry Analytics with event logging