What can YPA do for my business?

Monetize your search engine results pages (SERPs) across desktop, tablet or mobile with Yahoo search ads, combined with free algorithmic web results. Learn more.

Are algorithmic web search results (aka algo results) available on their own or do I need to also have search ads?

YPA is available either for ads only, or algo results and ads combined. You cannot get algo results on its own.

Do I have to pay for my algo results?

No. Algo results, combined with ads, as per above, are FREE. In fact, through YPA you get paid for showing ads.

How will I be paid?

Payment for ad revenue will be paid out by our vendor ..

Do you have global markets available?

Yes. YPA is available in all markets globally.

Do I need to complete the YPA Application form to sign up for YPA?

Yes, this is a requirement.

Are these results customizable?

Yes, they are customizable.

What are some examples of customizations?

  • size - width of ad/algo unit.
  • choice of ads or ads combined with algorithmic web results.
  • number of results (this dictates the height).
  • all look and feel elements - eg. fonts (color, size and family), background color, border color, underline, bold, spacing, etc.
  • ad extensions - add or remove (applicable only to ads).
  • layout of title, description and url for the ad and algo.
  • language, position and text of the ad label.

Can I alter the results?

No, you cannot re-order or remove the results.

Can I have my content on the page?

Yes, you can have up to four (4) ad units and up to two (2) algo units with YPA, with flexibility in each unit’s size. The remainder of the page can be your content.

Can I try YPA out first?

You can try with a Test Ad Tag here, or see a sample implementation here.

What if I have questions before I apply?

If you have any questions, email or apply now and you can add comments or questions within your application.