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We are shutting down this service. We suggest using maps from our partner Nokia. Please visit for more information. If you have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us in General Discussion at YDN forum.

International Maps

Satellite Maps

Hybrid Maps with Overlays

Yahoo! Maps APIs let you easily embed rich and interactive maps into your web and desktop applications using your choice of platform: we provide Flash, Ajax and Map Image APIs.

Yahoo! also provides other APIs you can use to add geographically relevant content to your maps, including Yahoo! Local listings, Traffic and Weather reports, Upcoming events and Flickr Photos. Our APIs support the GeoRSS standard and you can further extend the Maps API functionality to consume any other API.

Make your web site or application come alive with rich contextual maps, location-relevant content, and dynamic user interaction. Integrate a store locator with a few lines of code, view highway traffic patterns, or create custom routes - whatever you can imagine, Yahoo! Maps web services make it easy to build into your app. Yahoo! Maps' built-in Geocoder lets you specify an address or latitude/longitude coordinates: no need to call an additional service or write special code.

Developer APIs

AJAX and Flash


Use DHTML and JavaScript to host your own maps. We provide the JavaScript functions to make map-making a breeze.

ActionScript 3 Flash APIs

Embed a map into your website or desktop app using the ActionScript 3.0 Maps API with Adobe Flash.

REST, No Coding, and Utilities


Fetch a map image programmatically and stitch tiles together to build your own map.

No Coding

Overlay your map data easily using the Yahoo! Maps website to display your maps. No coding is necessary.

Geocoding API

Transform physical addresses into encoded latitude-longitude (geocoded) responses. (Use new Geocoding service Placefinder for new development.)

GeoRSS - Version 2

Use GeoRSS tagged XML files with the Yahoo! Maps Ajax API to overlay your data on Yahoo! Maps - creating custom maps without programming.

Using Yahoo! Maps APIs

At the lowest level, each Yahoo! Maps API works the same way. Using REST, you can plot points on a map with features like custom descriptions, URLs, labels, groups, icons and more. Your data inputs need to be formatted in Web-standard RSS format with either longitude/latitude or address information, as you like. All Yahoo! Maps APIs can take actual address information and process the geocoding for you. No more messing with preprocessing to generate XML already encoded with latitude/longitude!

To get started, first select the API that's right for you. Pick from the following options, as they offer different functionality and ease of use.

By Programming Language:

By User Experience:

Next, using some of the other Yahoo! Web Services we provide, such as the Traffic APIs and Local Search APIs you can easily add content to your Yahoo! Maps application.

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