Welcome to the ColdFusion Developer Center

ColdFusion is one of the fastest ways to build powerful web sites. It's a straight forward programming language that is particularly easy for novice programmers to grasp while still offering rich features for advanced developers. This site is your source for information about using ColdFusion with Yahoo! Web Services APIs. Here you'll find:

  • HOWTO Articles to help you understand our technologies and how you can use them better with ColdFusion.
  • Code Samples you can play with. Use them as a starting point for your own applications or study them for subtle nuances.
  • Browser-Based Authentication so you can let users authenticate using their Yahoo! ID.
  • Other Resources out on the Web to help you use ColdFusion and the Yahoo! APIs to their fullest.
  • Community Resources where you can join our mailing list and discuss the Yahoo! APIs with us and with other ColdFusion developers.

HOWTO Articles

ColdFusion is terse which means that the code necessary to access, parse, and cache Yahoo! Web Service requests is rather minimal. In these articles, we give you some suggestions for ColdFusion usage.

HOWTO: Make Yahoo! Web Service REST Calls with ColdFusion: How to use CFHTTP to retreive data from Yahoo.

HOWTO: Parse Yahoo! Web Service REST Calls with ColdFusion : Yahoo! Web Services return XML. Some can also return JSON. We recommend techniques for parsing and accessing all of these data types.

HOWTO: Cache Yahoo! Web Service REST Calls with ColdFusion : Caching is essential for performance and reliability. There are many ways to cache data and we offer up a couple of them.

Code Samples

Sometimes it's easiest to learn by looking at what other people have done. In this section we've included code samples to help you get up to speed with Yahoo! Web Services.

Unless otherwise noted, all the folllowing code samples are provided under the terms of the Yahoo SDK Software License Agreement.

Code Samples Used by our HOWTOs

These working code samples, which are used in our HOWTO's above, can get you started quickly.


ColdFusion Yahoo Package: A set of utilities to allow for easy ColdFusion/Yahoo integration. Has support for most Yahoo APIs.

Other Resources

In this section you'll find links to external sites and articles that may be useful as you work with Yahoo! APIs and Web Services with ColdFusion.

General Information Links

ColdFusion Portal : One stop site for ColdFusion help and resources.

Community Resources

Yahoo provides individual lists for each of the web services and APIs we support; your questions are always welcome there as well. See the Yahoo! Developer Network Community page for more information on these mailing lists.