BrightRoll DSP API Guide

The BrightRoll DSP API is a new service that provides BrightRoll and partner developers with RESTful access to BrightRoll DSP advertising and reporting features.

These services enable you to programmatically monitor, create, and manage advertising campaigns.


The BrightRoll DSP RESTful API specifies a set of objects that you can use to create, manage, and retrieve advertiser data including campaigns and creatives.

BrightRoll developers and partners can use these RESTful objects to manage advertisers, campaigns, creatives, and more.


We recommend that you carefully study this diagram so that you will understand the relationships between BrightRoll DSP objects.

A brief description of these objects is provided in the table below.

Guide Description
Advertiser An advertiser is a demand partner that lists ads on the BrightRoll DSP and purchases inventory from supply partners in the broader marketplace.
Campaign A campaign is an advertising goal that defines a strategy for delivering ads within a specified time period. Campaigns are typically defined by flight dates, bid prices, total budgets, daily budget caps, and KPI metrics that measure campaign effectiveness.
Creative A creative is an image or video file that serves as a building block for ad assembly. When linked to a line item, a creative is considered an “ad” ready to be served on a web page.
Ad An ad is a creative that has been linked to a line item. An ad is a creative that is ready to be served to a web page.
Line Item A line item is a part of a campaign that specifies an advertising strategy. Each line item is defined by one or more ads and a set of budgetary and targeting parameters.
Goals and Budget Goals and budgetary restraints may be defined at the campaign-level or line-level.
Targeting Targeting rules specify how ads are delivered. Line items can be targeted for specific exchanges, deals, locations, demographics, ad positions, frequency, audiences, devices, days of the week, apps, URLs, page relevancy, mobile carriers, and languages.
Exchange An exchange is a seller that is integrated with BrightRoll DSP via the OpenRTB API.
Deal A deal is a set of terms reflecting an agreement between a seller and buyer that is executed programmatically via a deal ID. The BrightRoll DSP supports two types of deals: shared deals and spot buy deals.


For a deeper understanding of BrightRoll objects and their relationships, see the BrightRoll DSP Guide.

Key Benefits

The BrightRoll DSP API enables you to programmatically manage many aspects of your advertisting campaigns.

  • Create, manage, and read core objects including advertisers, campaigns, line items, targeting, and deals.
  • Optimize campaign performance on the fly by adding or removing line items or making adjustments to targeting and bid prices based on current reports.
  • Perform read, update, and create actions across seats.
  • Comprehensive line item targeting.
  • Safely test your API integrations in a sandbox environment that mimics the production environment, but won’t affect live campaigns.
  • Programmatically return reports that utilize combinations of all metrics and dimensions available through the Report Builder UI.
  • Query reporting at different entity levels and fetch reports in CSV format.

Customer Support

For help with contact your account representative. Please provide detailed information about your request to the platform including the request headers and payload and details of response received from the service.