Monetize with yahoo search ads and algorithmic web results

Monetize your search engine results pages (SERPs) across desktop, tablet or mobile with Yahoo search ads, combined with free algorithmic web results. With our easy-to-use javascript code, ads and algo can be customized to fit the look and feel of your site. Available globally in all markets, with 24/7 technical support. Apply for YPA.

Customize Experience

Satisfy your users by matching the look and feel of your page through customizations that you control.

Fast and Easy

Easily add Yahoo Search results and ads. One JavaScript tag to power multiple ad and algo units that work seamlessly across PC, tablet and mobile devices

Make Money

Drive ad revenue by integrating search ads easily on your page, combined with FREE algorithmic web results (web and images)!

Try now with a test JS Ad Tag

Follow these steps to try out search ads and algo results from YPA on your page. This sample is configured to show one ad slot and one algo slot on your page.

Include the YPA JavaScript

Insert the following script tag in the head section.

Place the div tags for ad units

Place the style and div tag for an ad unit where ads should be shown on the page.

Place the style and div tag for an algo unit where algo results should be shown on the page.

Place the Javascript Ad tag

Insert the following code after the last ad div on the page:

Further customizations to the ad units are possible to match the look and feel of your page. These can be configured when the ad units are created as well as at runtime by passing dynamic parameters.

What's Next?