Attribution Guidelines for Yahoo APIs

Yahoo makes the world's daily habits inspiring and entertaining. Our most compelling daily habit APIs are available to third-party developers through the Yahoo Developer Network (YDN). When you build a product using Yahoo APIs, these guidelines will allow users to know that the content they are viewing is coming from Yahoo, and that a click of the area would take them to a Yahoo experience.

Logo Requirements

Include an appropriate "powered by Yahoo" logo from below along with any data from a Yahoo API.

For white/light colored backgrounds

For dark colored backgrounds

Linking to Yahoo

All Yahoo logos must link to and content from Yahoo APIs must link to an appropriate page on the Yahoo network (available within the API response). For example, when you use data from the Yahoo Weather API, a URL to will be provided in the response. Your content which displays that weather information must link to the provided URL.

If there is no appropriate URL present in the API response, you must link your content to