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The YUI Library.

Contributing to the YUI Project

The YUI Project is a two-way open source project managed by the YUI engineering team at Yahoo.

Anyone is welcome to contribute feature requests and bug reports for YUI via our issue trackers on YUILibrary.com. We also encourage YUI community members to write about their YUI usage and post their own code examples on their websites and blogs; we actively promote these contributions via the YUI "in the wild" series on YUIBlog.

Those who wish to make contributions to YUI that do involve intellectual property — including documentation, examples and code — must first sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA).

YUI's Contributor License Agreement

If you want to make contributions to the YUI Project that could constitute intellectual property (any code; any documentation comprising more than 500 words; detailed proposals for new features or components), you must complete the following steps prior to making your contribution:

  1. Review YUI's BSD license. All YUI components are issued under this license, and contributions you make to the library will we subject to this license. Note that the BSD license is very liberal; it allows for reuse and adaptation in commercial projects.
  2. Download the YUI CLA.
  3. Submit your CLA by mailing it to Thomas Sha, Yahoo! Inc., 701 N. 1st Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94089 If you have questions about the CLA, you can address them to yui-cla@yahoo-inc.com. Within ten business days, you will receive confirmation of your CLA submission via the email address provided on the CLA form.
  4. You may submit your CLA provisionally by faxing it to Thomas Sha at at 408-349-1995. This will allow us to accept your inbound contributions while the mailed copy of your CLA is en route to us.

What Is the Purpose of the CLA?

The CLA ensures that everyone who commits intellectual property to the YUI Library is contributing work that is their own or for which they can authoritatively speak. This protects the tens of thousands of developers who use YUI in their daily work, all of whom rely on YUI's BSD license to appropriately cover their use of the library.

The CLA does not transfer title or copyright of your contributed work to Yahoo. It merely guarantees that you approve the use of your work within YUI and by those who use the library under the terms of its license

What Contributions Require a CLA?

Broadly speaking, anything that could constitute intellectual property requires a signed CLA for contribution to YUI. Here are some examples:

  • Code, including any significant patch or feature addition
  • Documentation, including any writing 500 words or longer (in some cases, even shorter documentation blocks may constitute intellectual property)
  • Examples/demo code that becomes part of the YUI distribution
  • Graphics or other visual creative work that becomes part of the YUI distribution

You do not need to have a CLA on record to submit bug reports and feature requests for YUI components.

I've Signed the CLA; What's Next?

Check out the video below from YUI engineer Dav Glass on contributing to YUI and read the YUI contribution documentation on YUILibrary.com:

YUI Theater: Dav Glass — Contributing to YUI

YUI engineer Dav Glass introduces you to the YUI Gallery and steps through the process of making contributions to the YUI project.

[More Videos | Transcript]

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