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YUI 2: Dependency Configurator

YUI 2: Dependency Configurator

Choose the YUI components you want to use on your page; beneath the button toolbars, the text area will update with the sorted dependency list required to power your desired components. By default, we'll use aggregate (rollup) files where possible and serve the files from You can allow rollups and/or set your own base URL path if you choose. The Combine All JS Files option, on by default, generates a URL for your JavaScript files that combines them all into a single file, reducing HTTP requests. If you wish to use hosted files, you can choose between Yahoo and Google Content Delivery Networks. Yahoo's network supports combo-handling; Google's supports SSL.

Options base:
YUI JavaScript Core
YUI JavaScript Utilities
YUI Aggregate (Rollup) Files
YUI CSS Packages
YUI User Interface Widgets
YUI Developer Tools

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