YQL Slideshows

The following slideshows discuss YQL and its usage:

Slideshow Description Author/Source
YQL - A Query Language for the Web Jonathan Trevor, YQL Lead, gives an overview of the YQL Web service and YQL language. Jonathan Trevor, Slideshare
Open Hack London - Introduction to YQL This narrated slideshow introduces YQL and uses code example to show its main features. Christian Heilmann, Slideshare
YQL, Flickr, OAuth, YAP This slideshow offers a step-by-step explanation of how to use YQL and OAuth together to get Flickr photos. Erik Eldridge, Slideshare
BayJax July 2009 - Browser MVC with YQL & YUI In this slideshow, you learn how to use YQL and YUI together to create widgets. YQL retrieves the data (the model layer), and YUI handles the presentation and control layers. Jonathan LeBlanc, Slideshare

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