YQL Screencasts

A screencast is a multimedia demonstration of an application, a tool, or a service. Screencasts guide you through Yahoo APIs and related tools using audio and video.

The following screencasts are related to YQL:

Screencast Description Author/Source
Introducing YQL This is an introductory screencast to YQL using the YQL Console. Jatin Billimoria, YDN
YDN Screencast: YQL Discusses how to access public and private Web services, filter and join results, extract data from Web pages, and extend YQL to query additional data sources. Dan Theurer and Jonathan Trevor, YDN
YQL Execute This is an intermediate-level screencast that discusses Open Data Tables and the use of JavaScript to manipulate data within Open Data Tables. Sam Pullara and Nagesh Susarla, YDN
YQL Console Update This screencast discusses updates to the YQL Console, including the REST query box and query aliases. Paul Donnelly and Jatin Billimoria, YDN
YQL Query Builder This screencast discusses the query builder feature, which allows developers who are new to YQL to explore tables and create queries easily and quickly. Paul Donnelly and Jatin Billimoria, YDN

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