Chapter 6. Using YQL Open Data Tables

In this Chapter:

Overview of Open Data Tables

YQL contains an extensive list of built-in tables for you to use that cover a wide range of Yahoo Web services and access to off-network data. Open Data Tables in YQL allow you to create and use your own table definitions, enabling YQL to bind to any data source through the SQL-like syntax and fetch data. Once created anyone can use these definitions in YQL.

An Open Data Table definition is an XML file that contains information as you define it, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Authentication and Security Options: The kind of authentication you require for requests coming into your service. Also, whether you require incoming connections to YQL be made over a secure socket layer (via HTTPS).
  • Sample Query: A sample query that developers can run via YQL to get information back from this connection.
  • YQL Data Structure: Instructions on how YQL should create URLs that access the data available from your Web service. Also, an Open Data Table definition provides YQL with the URL location of your Web service along with the individual query parameters (keys) available to YQL.
  • Pagination Options: How YQL should "page" through results. If your service can provide staggered results, paging will allow YQL to limit the amount of data returned.

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