Sample Open Data Tables

The following table has links to examples of YQL Open Data Tables:

Sample Code Description
Flickr Photo Search Allows you to retrieve data from a Flickr photo search.
Access to Digg Events using Gnip Allows you to retrieve Digg activities using the Gnip API.
Hello World Table Allows you to search a fictional table in which "a" is the path and "b" is the term.
Yahoo Messenger Status Allows you to see the status of a Yahoo Messenger user.
OAuth Signed Request to Netflix Allows you to make a two-legged OAuth signed request to Netflix.
Request for a Flickr frob Returns the Flickr frob, which is analogous to the request token in OAuth.
Celebrity Birthday Search using IMDB Retrieves information about celebrities whose birthday is today by default, or optionally on a specific date.
Share Yahoo Applications Provides a list of Yahoo Applications that you and your friends have installed, indicating whether each app is installed exclusively by you, your friends, or both.
CSS Selector for HTML Allows you to filter HTML using CSS selectors. Shorten URL (INSERT) Shortens a long URL into a link.

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