Ensuring the Security of Private Information

As mentioned earlier, a important feature of Open Data Tables is the ability to accommodate third-party security and authentication systems. As such, it is critical for developers to ensure an HTTPS connection is required in any case where "secret" or "private" information is being provided.

If your table requires input that is deemed "private", such as any passwords, authentication keys, or other "secrets", you MUST ensure the https attribute within the table element is set to true.

When YQL detects the https attribute is set to true, the table will no longer be usable for connections to the YQL console or to the Web service API. To test and use tables securely, you should now use the HTTPS endpoints:


Connections made from the Open Data Table to the underlying Web services do not need to be made over HTTPS. The same holds true for the actual server hosting the Open Data Table definition.

For more information on the https attribute within Open Data Tables, refer to "tables element" section within "Using Open Data Tables".

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