Chapter 3. Using Hosted Storage with YQL

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YQL now provides two Open Data Tables, and, that allow you to store and work with data using YQL itself. These default tables are available in the YQL console under the "yql" category. You interact with these Open Data Tables using the same keywords used with other YQL statements: namely SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE.

About YQL Hosted Storage

Data that you store for use with YQL is hosted in Yahoo's Sherpa cloud storage infrastructure. It is a scalable, elastic, and geographically distributed storage system used by many Yahoo services. Benefits of using Sherpa include:

  • low latency that can handle a large number of concurrent requests.
  • automated load balancing and failover to reduce operational complexity.
  • high availability and fault tolerance.

For more information on Sherpa, refer to "Moving to the Cloud" on the Yahoo Developer Network (YDN) Blog.

Storage Limits and Requirements

The following storage limits and requirements apply to records stored using YQL:

  • Size Limit: You can have up to 1000 records, with each record being up to 100KB.
  • Retention Limit: Records not read, updated, or executed at least once every thirty days may be removed.
  • Record Format: Records must be in a text-based format. Examples include JavaScript code, XML files, Open Data Tables, or YQL environment files.
  • Authentication for New Records: All connections to must be authorized using two-legged OAuth. Alternatively, you can create new records using the YQL console. However, connections to do not require authentication.

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