Additional References and Resources

The following references and resources for YQL include libraries, handouts, blog posts, and demos:

Reference/Resource Description Author/Source
YQL Module for YUI JavaScript library for making queries to the YQL Web service. Dav Glass,
Python-YQL: client library for YQL Python library for making queries to the YQL Web service. Stuart Colville,
Using YQL for Developers (PDF) Handout that briefly introduces YQL and serves as a cheat sheet. YDN,
Creating Open Data Tables for YQL (PDF) Handout that introduces and provides examples of YQL Open Data Tables. YDN,
YQL: INSERT INTO internet YDN blog post that discusses the YQL INSERT INTO statement. YQL examples demo links are also given. Jonathan Trevor, YDN
GooHooBi Search YQL-powered application that returns search results from Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Chris Heilmann,
YQL and YUI: Building Blocks for Quick Applications Video of Chris Heilmann talking about how to use YQL and YUI to simplify Web development. Chris Heilmann, YDN Theater
YQL Console Update - Paul Donnelly Paul Donnelly from the YQL team discusses changes to the YQL console including Query Aliasing. Paul Donnelly, YDN

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