Errors and HTTP Response Codes

The YQL Web Service returns the below HTTP response codes. Open Data Table developers can also manipulate the HTTP response code that is returned to clients with the JavaScript method y.exit.

Error Description
200 OK The YQL statement executed successfully. If the YQL statement is syntactically correct and if authorization succeeds, it returns 200 OK even if the calls to back-end data services return 400 or 500 errors. Information about these back-end errors is in the diagnostics element of the response from YQL.
400 Bad Request Malformed syntax or bad query. This error occurs if the WHERE clause does not include a required input key. The XML error element includes a text description of the error. In the YQL Console, the error description appears in a highlighted bar.
401 Authorization Required The user running the application calling YQL is not authorized to access private data. This error also occurs if the user attempts to access his or her own private data without logging in to Yahoo.
999 - Unable to process this request at this time This error normally occurs when too many requests are sent to YQL and the rate limit has been reached.

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