You're Invited

Best Practice · Last modified July 15, 2009

When someone wants you to join them online, they may send you an invitation, responding to which might involve visiting a website, signing up for a service, receiving an SMS, digesting a calendar event, or installing an application.

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What Problem Does This Solve?

The user receives an invitation from a friend or connection to join a site.

When to Use This Pattern

  • Use when the experience is enhanced by having a network of connections.
  • Use when growth of the service is dependent on friends of friends.
  • Use when you want to supplement traditional user acquisition with user based referrals.

What's the Solution?

  • The invitation should have personal messaging from the sender.
  • The sender should be clearly identified to the recipient.
  • The benefits of joining and participating should be clearly articulated to the recipient.
  • A very clear Call to Action button or link should be available for the recipient to easily step right into the site to try it out.

Why Use This Pattern?

Having a formal invitation in place for your users to send to their friends allows you to combine a controlled marketing message from your site with a personal message from the user to their friend. This process also guarantees a consistent call-to-action for viral growth.