Display Collection

Beta · Last modified December 14, 2009

Enabling people to display the objects they've collected contributes to the game-like dynamics of collecting, advertises to other users the types of things that may be collected and provides multiple cross-links from the person's collection page to the details pages of the collected objects.

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What Problem Does This Solve?

The user has created a collection and wants to display it to other people.

When to Use This Pattern

  • Use this pattern when creating opportunities for people to create collections of things.
  • Use this pattern to allow users to show off their collection outside of the original location of the collection.

What's the Solution?

User-generated content sites like Slideshare allow the content creator to make a badge and display their contributions on their own websites.
  • Allow users to create modules or badges that display a portion of their collection.
  • Provide users with a url or embed tag for the collection display that allows them to add it as a module or widget to their personal sites or blogs.
  • Consider creating widgets to display collections on the major social networks like MySpace, Facebook and sites like Yahoo
  • Allow the user to select a subset of items to display. Consider limiting the item count or filter by a tag or date range.
  • Items displayed should link back to the originating site. If the item is a URL then link the tags or other metadata back to the parent (provider of the widget) site.

Why Use This Pattern?

People spend a lot of time collecting, curating and managing their collections. Once these collections are created and curated, owners usually want to display and share their collection with others.

When connections and friends comment or rate these collections, or even just view the display, the owner's work is validated as having been worth their time. Additionally, they may be seen as an expert in the area of interest which enhances their reputation, thereby increasing their likelihood of doing more collecting.