Options for Using YOS

As you decide how to implement YOS on your application or site, consider the following options:

YAP using YML

Any developer seeking fame and fortune has the potential of reaching the largest audience on the Web. The Yahoo! Application Platform offers developers a gateway into Yahoo!, allowing you to plug your content directly into the Yahoo! "canvas." You can use Yahoo! Markup Language (YML) to quickly create UI elements for your application. Additionally, YML allows you to add social features by accessing social data from Yahoo! users. Before deploying your app, you can test your applications in the YAP developer environment. For more information on using YML, refer to the Yahoo! Markup Language Reference.

YAP using OpenSocial JS APIs

Another easy way to write your apps for YOS is using OpenSocial, a common set of APIs created for social apps. Specifically, Yahoo! allows you to use the OpenSocial 0.8 JavaScript APIs to create apps that tap into the social data of potentially millions of Yahoo! users. For more information on OpenSocial via YAP, refer to the Yahoo! Applications Platform Developers Guide.

Yahoo! Social Platform REST API

Perhaps you like to do your own thing and want direct access to the social data of Yahoo! users. Through our Social Platform REST APIs, Yahoo! also provides robust access to social data such as user profile information, contacts, and activity updates. You have the freedom to use the programming language of your choice to make REST-based requests with responses available both in JSON and XML format. For more information about the Yahoo! Social Platform REST APIs, refer to the Social Platform API Reference.


If you're a PHP developer, the PHP SDK for YSP lets you write YOS-based apps faster and easier. The SDK automatically does the heavy lifting for things such as OAuth authentication and making RESTful API calls to the various YOS Web services. By including a single file in your code and making some simple code modifications, you can access all of the Social Platform API. For more information, see Yahoo! Social API PHP SDK.

Flash SDK

For Flash and Flex developers, Yahoo! offers a set of Actionscript 3 Social APIs, components, and templates that allow you to have full access to our Social Platform. Applications can then be embedded within a YAP application using the YAP developer tool and YML. For more information on using the Flash SDK, refer to the YOS Flash SDK home page.

Yahoo! Query Language (YQL)

If you are familiar with Yahoo! Pipes or SQL, a great option for tapping into YOS is through Yahoo! Query Language (YQL). Using simple SELECT, DESC, and SHOW commands, you can access a vast range of Yahoo! data such as Social Platform, Flickr, Yahoo! GeoPlanet, Yahoo! Local, Yahoo! BOSS, Upcoming, and Yahoo! Weather. YQL is flexible enough to allow you to query data sources both inside and outside Yahoo! as long as the format is in standard formats such as XML, RSS, ATOM, and HTML. For more information about YQL, refer to the Yahoo! Query Language Documentation.

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