Introducing the the Yahoo! Open Strategy (YOS)


This document explains the benefits and options for using the Yahoo! Open Strategy (YOS) and its components.

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Rewiring Yahoo!

Yahoo! has long been associated with bringing the Internet to the masses, first making history with the Yahoo! search engine and portal in 1994. Now, with the introduction of the Yahoo! Open Strategy (YOS), we're ready to make history again.

Through YOS, we're rewiring Yahoo! so that developers can tap into benefits once only available within Yahoo!. Namely, you can leverage the content, traffic, and user base of Yahoo! to extend your presence on the Web.

Whether you are just a small hobbyist or large company, the Open Strategy provides a new avenue for you to reach and connect with Yahoo! users like never before.

Reflecting our emphasis on user privacy, Yahoo! gives complete control to our users to choose whether or not to share their social data through YOS.

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