Yahoo! Application Platform 2.7 Release Notes

Release Date: April 2011


Welcome to the Yahoo! Application Platform (YAP). This document provides an overview of the new features in this release. For the latest information on YAP, see the YDN Blog. For tutorials and code examples, see the YAP Developers Guide.

What's New in This Release?

Version 2.7 of YAP includes a new feature that allows developers to specify a URL in the Link element of the gadgets.xml file that gets called when a user removes an app. Developers can use this feature to delete old user information and maintain accurate lists of their current users.

The following is the highlight of version 2.7:

Removed App Notification

Now when a user removes an application, the developer of the application will be notified through a link specified in gadget.xml. Developers can use this feature to keep accurate records of current users.

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