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What parameters does YAP send to developers?

See Appendix A: Parameters for the complete list of parameters that YAP sends to developers.

How is authentication and authorization handled?

Yahoo! provides built-in authentication and authorization support. If an App requires a user’s personal data, Yahoo! shows a permission screen the first time the user starts using the App. Once a user gives permission, the developer can use OAuth to access the user’s personal data. Yahoo! sends access token information each time the App is loaded.

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What are the APIs that Apps can call on behalf of users?

YAP developers can access Yahoo! social APIs through YQL. These include

How do I get users’ location information?

Yahoo! sends country, timezone and yap_jurisdiction parameters to the developer server when app loads. These parameters can be used to personalize App content. See User Information for more information.

How do I get a user’s device information?

Yahoo! sends ‘yui_ua’ (user agent) information that gives information about user’s device to the developer server when the App loads. See the Browser Information for more information.

How do I uniquely identify each Yahoo! user?

Each Yahoo user has a unique ID called a guid. The guid is sent to the developer server via the parameter yap_viewer_guid or opensocial_viewer_id, depending on the HTTP method used to call the developer server. See the Authentication parameters for more information.

How do I change game dimensions dynamically if a game is embedded in an iframe?


How do I integrate with Yahoo! OAuth?

Yahoo! provides built-in OAuth support. OAuth access tokens are sent to the developer server. See Session Information parameters for more information.

How do I find out on which Yahoo! Property my App is running?

Yahoo! sends a parameter called as yap_dropzone_id which is unique to each property rendering an App. You can refer to See Session Information to find out more information about yap_dropzone_id

Can I install Apps on Yahoo! Messenger for Mac?

No, Yahoo! Messenger for Mac does not support the games plugin. YAP Games can be played only on Yahoo! Messenger for Windows.

How many games sites will show my game and what is the URL format?

Your game could be potentially live on following Yahoo! Games sites:

  1. Yahoo! US (English): http://games.yahoo.com/
  2. Yahoo! UK (English): http://uk.games.yahoo.com/
  3. Yahoo! Canada (English): http://ca.games.yahoo.com/
  4. Yahoo! 7 - Australia (English): http://au.games.yahoo.com/
  5. Yahoo! Maktoob (English): http://en-maktoob.games.yahoo.com/
  6. Yahoo! Vietnam (Vietnamese): http://vn.game.yahoo.com/
  7. Yahoo! Espania (Spanish): http://es.juegos.yahoo.com/
  8. Yahoo! Deutschland (German): http://de.spiele.yahoo.com/
  9. Yahoo! Italia (Italian) : http://it.giochi.yahoo.com/
  10. Yahoo! Maktoob (Arabic): http://maktoob.games.yahoo.com/

The Relative URL of a published game will remain the same for all of the above sites.

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