YAP End of Life

Thank you for your interest in developing games/apps in partnership with Yahoo. We are beginning a new era of Yahoo Games in 2014, both on games that we build and on our third party partner games. To this end, we will be discontinuing the Yahoo Applications Platform (YAP) in favor of a new games platform, to be announced soon. We will work with all YAP partners whose apps and games are live on Yahoo to migrate them over to new platform in the remainder of this quarter. We will stop creation of YAP apps soon and shutdown YAP completely on 31st March 2014. Thank you again for using YAP for last many years!

We will certainly have further announcements and details soon. Please stay tuned! For business contacts or questions please contact us at: yap-integration-requests@yahoo-inc.com

The Yahoo Application Platform allows you to reach our users and improve the Yahoo user experience by building and deploying new applications directly onto Yahoo pages, writing code the way you love to write it. We're looking to you to help us build the next big thing on Yahoo, and in turn we'll shower you with traffic and users. Sounds like a win/win, doesn't it? That's our goal!

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Take a quick look at the Getting Started documentation.
  2. Step through the Canvas tutorial.
  3. Build your own App now: Go to Create New App and get started.

About the Yahoo Application Platform

An Open Marketplace for Innovation

You don't have to be a huge software development house to get your Apps onto Yahoo. Build powerful Apps using your software stack, your environment, and your servers. You can write your application in whatever language you want and proxy it back to us. Instant distribution.

Social Context

You can easily make your applications socially relevant to users. You can let a user interact with their connections and connections' content by leveraging the Yahoo Social Directory API.

My Apps

Keep an eye on your applications on your My Apps page.

Support and Community

Questions and suggestions on the Application Platform are discussed on the Yahoo Application Platform Developer Community forum. If you have questions or need technical support, please use this forum.

Terms of Use

Use of the Yahoo Application Platform is governed by the Yahoo Application Platform Terms of Use.

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