Yahoo Weather API FAQ

The page to create a new app seems to not be working.

If you see "An internal error occurred" when creating your app, please log out and log back in with a email and then try the process again.

How soon can I get access to the API?

Your app ID needs to be whitelisted. The process usually takes 3 business days.

We would like to use your API for commercial purposes.

If you want to use the weather API for commercial purposes, please request an invite here.

How do I make the OAuth1 call?

You need to use your consumer key and secret to generate a signature. Please visit our example code.

Why am I getting a 404 error?

Please make sure the base url you are calling is correct: Calling any other urls will result in a 404.

Why am I getting 401/500 error?

Please make sure the oauth signature is generated correctly. All the query parameters ("location", "format", "u", etc) along with oauth parameters need to be sorted and encoded when generating the signature. You are also welcome to read through our example code.