Plan Trips, Find Airfares and Hotels with Yahoo! Travel Web Services

The Yahoo! Travel Trip Planner web service is no longer supported.

Yahoo! Travel enables you to plan your trips, explore destinations, find airfares, get ratings and reviews for hotels, find things to do, and share your plans with others. The Yahoo! Travel web services enable you to build applications that use the trip plan data from the Yahoo! Travel Trip Planner.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Get an Application ID
  2. Read the online documentation

Using the API or Web Service


Yahoo! offers two APIs for accessing trip plans created by Yahoo! Travel Trip Planner. Both of these API use a REST-like interface for requests and can return either XML or JSON output.

  • Trip Search

    Use the Trip Search API to search for trip plans created by Yahoo! Travel Trip Planner. Search for public trips or restrict your search by keyword or to trips you or another user have created.

  • Get Trip

    Use the Get Trip API to retrieve a specific trip from Yahoo! Travel Trip Planner.

Rate Limits

The Yahoo! Travel Web Services typically have rate limits. See the documentation for each API for details, and the information on rate limiting.

Terms of Use

The Yahoo! Travel services are limited to non-commercial use only. See information on our Usage Policy to learn about acceptable uses.

Support & Community

The Yahoo! Travel Web Services are discussed on the yws-travel mailing list.

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