Tinyusercard Profile


The Tinyusercard is data from the Social Directory that describes a person with only a subset of the information available in the user's profile.


GET returns the tinyusercard profile of the profile owner with the specified {guid}.



Filtering by GUID

Calling GET on the following URI returns the tinyusercard profiles of the users identified by GUIDs {guid1}, {guid2}, and {guid3}.


HTTP Operations Supported

  • GET

Query Parameters Supported

  • callback
  • format
  • For more information about the query parameter callback, please see this example.

Matrix Parameters Supported

  • start
  • count

Scopes Required

  • No scope required.

Elements of the Tinyusercard Profile Object

Element JSON Data Type XML Schema Data Type Description
count number nonNegativeInteger Number of profiles returned.
gender string enum Gender of the profile owner, for displaying updates: ["M", "F" or "UNSPECIFIED"]
guid string string GUID of the profile owner.
height number positiveInteger Image height.
image Image Object Image Object The universal display picture chosen by the user.
imageURL string anyURI Display image of the profile owner. Returns a 48x48 pixeled image.
nickname string string The profile owner chosen display name.
profile Profile Object or array of Profile Objects Profile Object If one GUID is passed in the GET, one Profile Object is returned. If more than one GUID is passed, a collection of Profile Objects is returned.
profileUrl string anyURI URL of the profile.
size string string Image size.
start number nonNegativeInteger Index of first profile returned.
total number nonNegativeInteger Total number of profiles.
uri string anyURI Reference to the actual resource.
width number positiveInteger Image width.

JSON Syntax for Single Tinyusercard Profile Object

JSON Syntax for Multiple Tinyusercard Profile Objects

Example JSON Response Body for GET Tinyusercard

Example XML Response Body for GET Tinyusercard

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