This endpoint allows you to get or update a specific notification.


GET returns the notification identified by {id} for the user identified by {guid}.{id}

PUT updates the elements of the Notification Object that are specified by the fields. The following fields can be updated: choice, new, and state. If only choice is specified, new is set to false and state is set to COMPLETED. When state and choice are updated, state can only be given the value COMPLETED. The values for the specified fields should be in the request body. The returned response will contain the updated Notification Object with the variable substituted URL template.{id};fields={field_to_update}


None available.

HTTP Operations Supported

  • GET
  • PUT

Query Parameters Supported

  • format

Matrix Parameters Supported

None available.

Scopes Required

  • GET: Read/Write Yahoo Updates
  • POST: Read/Write Yahoo Updates

JSON Syntax for the Notification Object

XML Syntax for Notification Object

Example JSON Response Body for GET Notification

Example XML Response Body for GET Notifications

Example JSON Request Body for PUT Notification

PUT /v1/notification/{id};fields=choice?format=json

PUT /v1/notification/{id};fields=new?format=json

PUT /v1/notification/{id};fields=state?format=json

Example XML Request Body for PUT Notification

PUT /v1/notification/{id};fields=choice

PUT /v1/notification/{id};fields=new

PUT /v1/notification/{id};fields=state

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