A Connection is a mutually confirmed relationship between two users. The connection between the two users allows them to share a higher degree of information. The Connection API provides access to a single connection amongst these confirmed associations.


The Connections API is being deprecated. To access connections, use the Relationships API, which provides access ti one-way (contacts) and two-way (connections) relationships. For more information, see Relationships.


GET returns a specific connection {guid2} from profile owner's {guid1} connection list.{guid1}/connection/{guid2}

HTTP Operations Supported

  • GET

Query Parameters Supported

  • callback
  • format
  • view

The view query parameter can have the following values:

  • tinyusercard

    - Includes the tinyusercard profile with the Connection Object.
  • usercard - Includes the usercard profile with the Connection Object.

Matrix Parameters Supported

Not available.

Scopes Required

  • GET: Read Yahoo Profiles

Elements of the Connection Object

Element JSON Data Type XML Schema Data Type Description
contactid number positiveInteger Contact ID corresponding to this connection; every connection must have an entry in address book.
created string dateTime Date resource was created.
guid string string GUID of the profile owner.
updated string dateTime Date resource was last modified.
uri string anyURI Reference to the actual resource.

JSON Syntax for Connection Object

XML Syntax for Connection Object

Example JSON Response Body for GET Connection

Example XML Response Body for GET Connection

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