Ping API

Yahoo! Site Explorer has moved to Bing Webmaster Tools.

Tell the Yahoo! Index when you have new content available.

The Ping service allows you to notify Yahoo! when your site changes. You may notify us about a single page, or a set of pages that need attention. This call is very similar to the Update Notification service, but does not require an appid.

Request URL

Request parameters

See information on constructing REST queries

Parameter Value Description
sitemap string (required) The URL of the page to be submitted, or the URL of a feed containing site data. For details of the formats supported, please refer to Feed Formats Supported by Yahoo! Site Explorer.

Sample Request URL:


There is no schema for this service. If successful, the service will return a success message:

Rate Limits

The Site Explorer APIs are limited to 5,000 queries per IP address per day and to noncommercial use. See information on rate limiting.

Terms of Use

Please see our Usage Policy to learn about acceptable uses and how to request additional queries.


The Site Explorer service returns the standard errors. There are no service-specific errors.

Support & Community

The Site Explorer APIs are discussed on the yws-search-general mailing list.

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