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The Page Data service allows you to retrieve information about the subpages in a domain or beneath a path that exist within the Yahoo! index. See also the Site Explorer InLinkData API and more information on Site Explorer.

Request URL

Request parameters

See information on constructing REST queries

Parameter Value Description
appid string (required) The application ID. See Application IDs for more information.
query string (required) The domain or path to get subpage data for.
results integer: default 50, max 100 The number of results to return.
start integer: default 1 The starting result position to return (1-based). The finishing position (start + results - 1) cannot exceed 1000.
domain_only no value (default), or 1 Specifies whether to provide results for all subdomains (such as for of the domain query, or just the specifically requested domain. If the query is not a domain URL (i.e. it contains path information, such as, this parameter has no effect.
output string: xml (default), json, php The format for the output. If json is requested, the results will be returned in JSON format. If php is requested, the results will be returned in Serialized PHP format.
callback string The name of the callback function to wrap around the JSON data. The following characters are allowed: A-Z a-z 0-9 . [] and _. If output=json has not been requested, this parameter has no effect. More information on the callback can be found in the Yahoo! Developer Network JSON Documentation.

Sample Request Url:

Response fields

The schema document for this service response is located at

Field Description
ResultSet Contains all of the query responses. Has attributes:

  • totalResultsAvailable: The number of URLs in the database that are part of the domain.
  • totalResultsReturned: The number of URLs returned. This may be lower than the number of results requested if there were fewer total results available.
  • firstResultPosition: The position of the first result in the overall set of URLs.

Result Contains each individual response.
Title The title of the web page.
Url The URL for the web page.
ClickUrl The URL for linking to the page. See URL linking for more information.

Sample response

The following is a sample response for the query

Rate Limits

The Site Explorer APIs are limited to 5,000 queries per IP address per day and to noncommercial use. See information on rate limiting.

Terms of Use

Please see our Usage Policy to learn about acceptable uses and how to request additional queries.


The Site Explorer service returns the standard errors. There are no service-specific errors.

Support & Community

The Site Explorer APIs are discussed on the yws-search-general mailing list.

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