Site Explorer APIs from Yahoo! Search

Yahoo! Site Explorer has moved to Bing Webmaster Tools.

Gain a unique perspective on your online presence

Yahoo! Site Explorer APIs provide access to information about your site from the Yahoo! Site Explorer service.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Read the online documentation and FAQs.

  2. Get an Application ID

    To access Site Explorer APIs from Yahoo! Search web services, you will need to get an application ID. Like a browser's User-Agent string, the Application ID uniquely identifies your application and has no effect on rate limiting.

Site Explorer Web Services


These APIs help you better understand your traffic and usage -- querying for the pages in the Yahoo! index and the sites linking into a site. They will be useful to anyone looking for a good grasp of who is linking to you and to create an effective alternative to easily-spammed trackbacks.

  • Inlink Data

    Shows the pages from other sites linking in to a page.

  • Page Data

    Shows a list of all pages belonging to a domain in the Yahoo! index.

  • Ping

    Allows you to notify Yahoo! of changes to your site. No appid required

  • Update Notification

    Allows you to notify Yahoo! of changes to your site.

Rate Limits

The Site Explorer APIs are limited to 5,000 queries per IP address per day and to noncommercial use. See information on rate limiting.

Terms of Use

Please see our Usage Policy to learn about acceptable uses and how to request additional queries.


The Site Explorer service returns the standard errors. There are no service-specific errors.

Support & Community

The Site Explorer APIs are discussed on the yws-search-general mailing list.

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