1. What is BOSS and what can it do for you?

    BOSS (Build your Own Search Service) is an API that connects into Yahoo's search infrastructure. It allows developers, start ups, and established consumer Internet companies to leverage the power of Yahoo!'s search capabilities.

  2. How is BOSS different from other APIs?

    There are plenty of APIs out there in the search space. Some of them give you an iframe or a widget. The current Search API is designed for rapid development of search applications and mashups. BOSS is an extension of that rapid development concept and for the first time developers can tap into Yahoo!'s search infrastructure and build applications for commercial use without restrictions around presentation or ordering of results. You can take BOSS results, blend in your own secret sauce, and build a search engine of your own design, all without required brand attribution.

  3. Which search content can I find through BOSS?

    This first release of BOSS, developers can fetch search content for Web, News, Image, and Spelling Suggestions. Other search verticals and data sources are coming soon.

  4. What is a RESTful API?

    REST stands for Representational State Transfer. Yahoo! Web Services use "REST-Like" RPC-style operations over HTTP GET or POST requests with parameters encoded into the request URL.

    For more information about REST please check out the following:

  5. What will the results look like?

    As a developer using BOSS, you can choose JSON or XML result outputs.

  6. What do you mean by re-ordering results?

    Developers have expressed interest in altering the result order, removing results they do not want, and blending in their own data. All of these activities are allowed and encouraged with BOSS.

  7. Do I have to serve advertisements in my search?

    No. Ads are not compulsory. If you are paying your BOSS usage fees, you are free to run with ads from Yahoo!, ads from other platforms, or no ads at all.

  8. When will the search ads be available? What can I do until then with this API?

    Yahoo! BOSS is working on this component and will be releasing it in our next phase. Until then, developers can send queries to the API and build out their applications for public or private use.

  9. What can't I do with BOSS?

    Yahoo! has made the terms of service significantly more flexible than most other APIs, including our previous Search API. Please read the BOSS terms of service for more information.

  10. What do I need to do to access the APIs?

    Developers must obtain a BOSS App ID. This App ID is different than the Yahoo! Search API AppID. The sign up is on the BOSS page http://developer.yahoo.com/boss.

  11. Are these the only features that you'll have? Or When will you roll out additional verticals / features?

    The first release of BOSS is our baseline. Yahoo! will be releasing more verticals and more features within each vertical. Yahoo! would like your suggestions and feedback for upcoming releases. Please go to the Suggestions Board and click on the BOSS check box and send us your suggestions.

  12. Is there a developers kit for the BOSS API?

    Yahoo! is releasing an experimental Python library called the Boss Mashup Framework which provides simplified interfaces for retrieving search results via the Boss API. The framework also provides functions for remixing the results with other data sources.

  13. Where can I get support for using the BOSS API?

    Support for this product is outlined in the Chapter 1, Getting Started section.

  14. What is an Application ID?

    An Application ID is a string that uniquely identifies your application. Think of it as a User-Agent string. If you have multiple applications, you must use a different ID for each one. BOSS Application IDS are different and give exclusive BOSS access. Get yours here: http://developer.yahoo.com/boss

  15. What if I want unlimited queries but I cannot take ads?

    Any BOSS search applications that exceed a set QPD (Queries Per Day) level will be a required to publish Yahoo! Sponsored Search ads.

  16. Is there a message board or discussion group for the APIs?

    YES. Please join the Yahoo! Search Boss group at http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ysearchboss/.

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