Chapter 4. Image Search

Hostname Basic Example

Requirements: You must

  1. display the title or abstract of the image when presented in the search results;
  2. display at least the first 40 characters of the referurl field which indicates the source page;
  3. for the source page referurl, use the unmodified referclickurl field to navigate to the respective source page;
  4. If the image is made clickable, either use unmodified refereclickurl (to the source HTML page) or clickurl (to the image) for the navigation link.

Important: You must escape reserved characters for argument values, although they are sometimes shown unescaped for readability. See Reserved Characters and Escape Values.

Optional Arguments, in addition to Universal Arguments

The following arguments are specific to image search.


Values Description


yes (default) or no

Whether or not to activate the Offensive Content Reduction filter. If set to yes, content marked as offensive is omitted from results.


all (default), small, medium, large, wallpaper, widewallpaper

Small images are generally thumbnail or icon sized. Medium sized images are average sized; usually not exceeding an average screen size. Large images are screen size or larger. Size pairs other than those listed are ignored.


URL, no default

Search for this URL. Depending on other query restrictions, returns all image objects with this referring URL.



URL, no default

Search for this URL. Returns this exact image result.


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