Chapter 1. Getting Started

Yahoo! Search BOSS (Build your Own Search Service) is an initiative in Yahoo! Search to open up Yahoo!'s search infrastructure and enable third parties to build revolutionary search products leveraging their own data, content, technology, social graph, or other assets. This release includes Web, News, and Image Search as well as Spelling Suggestions.

Key Information

  1. Go to
  2. Sign-up and get your BOSS App ID to get started with the BOSS API.


    The BOSS App ID is different from the standard Web services developer App ID. Please select the BOSS check box during sign up.

  3. Click on the links to find the Developer documentation, FAQ's, Feedback.

Who Should Read This Document

This manual is intended for programmers developing applications to access the Yahoo! Internet search engine. The manual assumes an understanding of HTTP, XML, JSON, and a cursory knowledge of query languages.

Contact Information

BOSS developers are encouraged to sign up for the BOSS Yahoo! Group, a good place to share ideas with the BOSS developer community.

For account related issues, ideas or suggestions please use the form at and select BOSS.

Terms of Use

Use of the Yahoo! Search BOSS services, related software, and this documentation is subject to Terms of Use.

Table of Contents