Chapter 7. Appendix and FAQs

Reserved Characters and Escape Values

Use the following characters in URLs only in syntactically required locations. To use in argument values, they must be escaped.

Reserved character Escape value

slash (/)


question mark (?)


ampersand (&)


semicolon (;)


colon (:)


commercial at sign (@)


comma (,)


dollar sign ($)


equals sign (=)


space ( )


percent sign (%)


quotation marks (")


plus sign (+)


hash (#)


asterisk (*)


less-than sign (<)


greater-than sign (>)


left brace ({)


right brace (})


vertical bar (|)


left square bracket ([)


right square bracket (])


circumflex (^)


backslash (\)


accent grave (`)


If a URL contains invalid characters, BOSS returns a Bad Request response with a status code of 400.


Some of the BOSS examples in this document contain reserved characters that need to be escaped. However, for legibility the examples eliminate the escape values. Therefore, if you use these examples verbatim to test queries, they will not work.

  • Queries should be encoded per RFC3986 standard.

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