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r3 Reference Guide

Chapter 1. CLI - Command Line Interface

Table of Contents

r3 version
r3 setup Commands
r3 setup setuphome
r3 setup import
r3 setup installdb
r3 setup installgui
r3 setup save
r3 setup load
r3 setup upgrade
r3 dimension Commands
r3 dimension dimension
r3 dimension dimension create
r3 dimension dimension parent
r3 dimension dimension parent set
r3 dimension dimension parent unset
r3 dimension dimension list
r3 dimension dimension delete
r3 dimension dimension attribute
r3 dimension dimension attribute create
r3 dimension dimension attribute set
r3 dimension dimension attribute unset
r3 dimension dimension attribute destroy
r3 dimension dimension attribute list
r3 inheritance Commands
r3 inheritance list
r3 inheritance save
r3 inheritance load
r3 target commands
r3 target create
r3 target delete
r3 target searchpath
r3 target info
r3 target list
r3 target template
r3 template commands
r3 template create
r3 template delete
r3 template edit
r3 template searchpath
r3 template promote
r3 template specialize
r3 template move
r3 template save
r3 template load
r3 translation Commands
r3 translation set
r3 translation delete
r3 translation view
r3 translation searchpath
r3 translation promote
r3 translation specialize
r3 translation move
r3 translation list
r3 translation save
r3 translation save all
r3 translation save only
r3 translation save inherited
r3 translation merge
r3 translation clear
r3 translation clear all
r3 translation clear only
r3 translation reference
r3 translation reference set
r3 generate Command
r3 var Commands
r3 var set
r3 var save
r3 var save all
r3 var save only
r3 var save inherited
r3 var merge
r3 var list
r3 var view
r3 var delete
r3 var searchpath
r3 var promote
r3 var specialize
r3 var move
r3 var clear
r3 var clear all
r3 var clear only

r3 is the root command for all CLI commands. If you issue an incomplete command, r3 displays a usage list of available sub-commands. For example, if you simply type r3 then hit return, the CLI produces the following output:

usage:r3 [-c <arg>] [-u] [-x] [-q]
the r3 command line interface
    -c    override the default configuration, use your own
    -q    display output in quiet mode
    -u    display utf8 chars with unicode values
    -x    display utf8 chars with hex values

version               r3 version
setup                 administrative commands
template              template control
translation           dictionary utilities
target                target tools
generate [-a] [-v...  generate targets
dimension             dimension tools (dimension is one of product,intl)
inheritance           inheritance tools

The following flags apply to all r3 commands.


r3 version

Provides the version of the installed r3 CLI package.


  • version | ver


  • none