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r3 User Guide

r3 User Guide

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
What is r3?
How does r3 work?
r3 Components
Inheritance and Search Paths
2. Installation and Configuration
Deciding on a Database
Installing and Configuring r3
Configuring the r3 GUI
3. Getting Started
4. Using the r3 Command Line Interface
Creating Dimension Elements
Products and Intls
Generating Files
Working With Templates
Creating and Editing Templates
Specializing Templates
Specializing Completely
Specializing for Product, with Generic Intl
Specializing for Intl, Retaining Generic Product
Promoting Templates
Working With Translations
Exporting and Importing Translations
5. Using the r3 GUI
Dimensions Tab
Targets Tab
Translations Tab
Generate Tab

List of Figures

1.1. Yahoo! home pages for US, UK, and Japan
5.1. Dimensions Tab
5.2. Targets Tab
5.3. Displaying Information about a Target
5.4. Adding a Translation
5.5. Searching for a Term
5.6. Managing Translations
5.7. Managing Translation Inheritance
5.8. Generate Tab
5.9. Generating Files