PHP Waterbug Tutorial

Time Required: 20 min.


We will be creating a small Web application with PHP that uses the Yahoo! Image Search Web Service to find and display images of the mighty "water bear" on a Web page. After completing the tutorial, you will have the basic skills to use Yahoo! Web Services to create Web applications unrelated to water bears.

The tutorial will be divided into the following four steps. Each step can be thought of as a module consisting of an Introduction, a Getting Started, and an Explore section. Explore is an optional section intended for those who want to learn additional techniques or information.

Here are the four steps of the tutorial:

  1. Getting an Application ID
  2. Making a REST Request
  3. Parsing the Response Data
  4. Caching for Better Reliability and Performance (Optional)

When you have completed the tutorial, your mini Web application will create a Web page like the one below. Let's first take a look at the prerequisites.

Table of Contents