Yahoo Supports OpenID 2.0!

OpenID makes it easy for you to deliver a simplified login experience for your users. Rather than having to create a unique user name and password for your website, users can now use an existing user name and password that they have created elsewhere. Of course, this is true only if "elsewhere" is a participating supplier of OpenIDs.

At Yahoo, we acknowledge that simplifying the user login experience across the Internet benefits everyone. That's why we are a huge supporter of OpenID. By enabling our 248 million registered users as OpenID accounts, we hope that gives you a lot of reasons to support OpenID too.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Most people start by reading the OpenID specifications which can be found here.

  2. Take a look at
  3. OpenID enabled website software and SaaS Products as well as libraries in several languages are listed on the OpenID wiki.
  4. Read the Yahoo OpenID FAQ for more answers.
  5. Visit the Yahoo OpenID Developer Community forum to discuss Yahoo OpenID with other developers and the Yahoo OpenID Team.

OpenID + OAuth Hybrid Extension

Yahoo OpenID supports the OpenID OAuth Hybrid Protocol, allowing websites to authenticate Yahoo users (sign in) and simultaneously be authorized to access Y!OS Services (via OAuth), all in one transaction. Check out our Yahoo OpenID OAuth Hybrid quick start guide for more info.

OpenID Research and Best Practices

To read the latest user research and best practices for using OpenID please visit our OpenID best practices page.

Using the API or Web Service


  1. OpenID Open Source Libraries: take advantage of a large range of code libraries availa ble to implement OpenID for both the OpenID Identity Server and consumer implementations.
  2. Ask questions and discuss technical details on a variety of OpenID mailing lists.
  3. Have a question about upgrading from OpenID 1.1 or similar? Read our brief OpenID FAQ.
  4. Invite your users to login to your site with a Yahoo ID that is bound to an OpenID by using one of these Yahoo OpenID buttons. For example:

Support and Community

Questions and suggestions on Yahoo support of OpenID are discussed on the Yahoo OpenID Developer Community forum. If you have questions or need technical support, please use this forum.

Terms of Use

Use of the Yahoo OpenID Buttons is governed by the Yahoo OpenID Buttons Terms of Use.

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