Yahoo Scopes

Most Yahoo user data is protected by scopes. A scope is a permission setting that specifies access to a Yahoo user’s non-public data. You register scopes when you create an application on YDN and select one or more API permissions.

See Setting Up: Create an Application and Get OAuth 2.0 Credentials, where we create an application and register the scope for read-access to the Yahoo Mail API.

Scope Identifiers

A scope identifier is simply a string that represents a scope, such as read-access to a Yahoo API. For example, if your application has the read-access scope to the Yahoo Mail API, your application can then pass the scope identifier mail-r to the scope parameter when you send an authentication request to Yahoo.

To specify more than one scope, use a space or comma to delimit the scope identifiers. The two scope identifiers in this example can be used to request read-access to the Yahoo Mail API and write-access to the Contacts API: scope=mail-r sdct-w

The following sections list the scope identifiers for the available Yahoo APIs.


  • Read: sdct-r

  • Read/Write: sdct-w

Fantasy Sports

  • Read: fspt-r

  • Read/Write: fspt-w


  • Read: yfin-r

  • Read/Write: yfin-w

Oath Ad Platforms

  • Read/Write: admg-w

Oath Ad Platforms for Publishers

  • Read: gpub-r


  • Read/Write: msgr-w

Profiles (OpenID Connect)

  • Profile Information: profile

  • Email Address: email

Profiles (Deprecated scopes)

  • Read Public Basic (Deprecated): sdps-r

  • Read Public Extended (Deprecated): sdpp-r