Key Terminology

This guide uses some key terminology that you should familiarize yourself with:

  • Third party: You, the developer who creates an application or plug-in that uses Yahoo Web services and APIs.
  • Fourth party: Your users who install and use your application or plug-in, in turn also using Yahoo Web services and APIs.
  • Yahoo Key: Another name for the Consumer Key.
  • Yahoo Secret: Another name for the Consumer Secret associated with the Consumer Key. This is known as the Consumer Secret in OAuth.
  • Application ID: An Application ID is a string that uniquely identifies your an application project on the Yahoo Developer Network (YDN). Think of it like a User-Agent string. If you have multiple applications, you must use a different ID for each one.
  • Yahoo Information: A term referring collectively to the Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, and Application ID.
  • Scopes / Access Scopes: A scope is a permission setting that specifies access to a Yahoo user's non-public data. For more information about scopes, refer to the Scopes section in the OAuth Quick Start Guide. For a list of scopes available, refer to the Scopes Reference in this guide.

Table of Contents