Integrate Native Feed Ads

Integrating Native Feed Ads is straightforward and easy to implement, enabling you to show feed-based ads on a native Native & Search platform.

Follow these steps:

  1. Apply for Native & Search API access. Details on how to apply are available at Native & Search API: Apply for Access. Complete the form and submit. If you are already an Native & Search API partner, skip this step.
  2. Create an Advertiser account with Native & Search using If you want to use an existing account, skip this step. Note that NFA targeting requires 1 website per account.
  3. Create a Campaign with Objective as VISIT_OFFER and channel as NATIVE.
  4. Use the Product feed API, described in Product Feed Operations, to upload your feed to Native & Search. The feed file should be in .csv or .tsv format. Refer to the section describing the NFA Feed File Formats for details.
  5. Create the product set using the Product Set API.
  6. NFAs are available using a CPC bid. Create an Ad group and set the CPC bid. Make sure to provide productSetId in the request body. Note that you need to customize your ad template, as described in the section NFA Templates.
  7. Retrieve your dot tag from your account on and place it on each page of your product website. If you have already implemented the dot tag, skip this step.
  8. Implement NFA rules, once you’ve instrumented your dot pixel tag; otherwise, your product catalog cannot be served. For details, refer to NFA Dot Tag Instrumentation.


If you have not installed dot tags, be sure to review Dot Tags, which describes how to install and manage dot tags. We request that you use an event script that enables you to track the product that the user has interacted with on your website. To accomplish this, you’ll need to focus on event actions, specifically these string values: ViewProduct, AddToCart, and Purchase to differentiate the conversion funnel. Details are available in Dot Tag Instrumentation.

That’s it. Your ad should start serving to the users you are retargeting when the user visits anywhere Native & Search native ads are served.