March 2018

Check out these new features, enhancements and changes introduced in Yahoo Gemini.

New Bidding Strategy for Native Introduced

Gemini now provides you with a new enhanced CPC (eCPC) bidding strategy in the Gemini UI. The bidding strategy lets you meet a CPC goal on average while getting more conversions by allowing your bids to be adjusted (+/- 30%) for individual impressions, based on the likelihood of conversion.

Using eCPC, you can boost your native Ad bids +/- 30% per impression, enabling you to optimize for conversions.

The bidding strategy is available at the ad group level and across all channels (UI, Bulk, and API), and is the default bidding strategy for new ad groups being created. This means that you’ll be auto opted-in for all native campaigns created in the Gemini UI.

In the Gemini Ad group settings panel, you’ll see Enhanced bid as the default bid strategy.



If conversion tracking is not in place, it acts the same as the Manual CPC bid strategy.

For more information about this new bidding strategy available in Bulk, see Bulk field objects for Adgroups.

If you’re working with the Gemini API, see Ad Group Object fields which shows all accepted bidding strategies.

New User Personalized Ads for Native Introduced

User Personalized Ads let you serve native ads and personalized messages to your best consumer audience, based on their geo locations. Consumers are served ads that feature their specific city, state or country.

Improve CTR and drive ROI by personalizing your ad titles, descriptions, and landing URLs by geo (city, state, country). Add the macros {city}, {state} & {country} in the Ad title, description and landing page URL in the Gemini UI. You can also add these abbreviated macros: {state_abbr}, {country_abbr}.

Early results show a compelling lift for User Personalized Ads over non-personalized image ads. CPC improved by 25%, CTR by 2x (102%), and CVR improved by 92%.

personalized ads

For more information, check out Gemini Ad Types.

New Enhanced Gemini Key Performance Indicator Introduced

Gemini now provides you with an enhanced Key Performance Indicator bar (KPI bar) in the UI that lets you view and customize charting data and key performance metrics for your campaigns, ads, ad groups and keywords.

Advertisers are able to see hourly data for their campaigns, ads and ad groups, so that they can do day-parting bid optimization for enhanced campaign performance.

The KPI tool supports the following date ranges: Today, Yesterday, and a custom range within 24 hours. These entities are supported: Campaigns, Ad Group, Ad, and Keywords.

customize kpi

For more information, check out Gemini Reporting & Key Metrics.

New Mobile Performance Metrics Introduced

Gemini now provides you with new mobile performance metrics. These are available in the Campaigns Tab in-line data grid. Use these metrics when you wish to better clarify and understand more precisely what is being reported in your campaigns.

To view and select these metrics, simply navigate to Columns > Modify columns within the grid.

Follow these steps:

  1. Under Conversions in Customize columns for Reporting, you’ll see the following items, shown below:
mobile performance conversions
  1. These metrics are defined in the following table:
Term Definition
View Installs View-through (impression) based on install conversion event.
Click Installs Click through (click) based on install conversion event.
Installs View + click installs.
View in-app conversion View-through (impression) based on in-app conversion event.
Click in app conversion Click through (click) based on in-app conversion event.
In-app conversion View + click in-app conversion.
Post-install conversion View or click based on install event that also drove an in-app conversion event.
  1. Under Performance in Customize columns, you’ll see the following items, shown below:
mobile performance metrics
  1. The metrics are defined in the following table:
Term Definition
Cost/Install Cost (Spend) divided by Installs (view + click installs).
Cost/Click install Cost (spend) divided by Click Installs (Click through (click) based on install conversion event).
Cost/Post-install conversion Cost (spend) divided by Post-install conversion. (View or click based install event that also drove an in-app conversion event).
Cost/In-app conversion Cost (spend) divided by In-app conversion. (View + click in-app conversion).
Cost/Click in-app conversion Cost (spend) divided by Click in-app conversion. (Click through (click) based in-app conversion event).

Reminder: New Gemini Dynamic Product Ads for Native Introduced

Dynamic Product Ads are feed-based ads that you can personalize, depending on each of your customer’s unique shopping history and buying habits. These ads are ideal if you’re running an e-commerce or travel business, with large product catalogs.

Check out this video, presented by a Gemini Product Manager, for a quickstart on how you can take advantage of Dynamic Product Ads in Gemini.

Navigate to the topics listed in Dynamic Product Ads to get started. For managed accounts, be sure to contact your Gemini account team for greater assistance in setting up and launching your catalogs and product feeds.