Topics to Navigate in this Guide

The Native & Search Advertiser Guide is grouped into these topics, which you can easily navigate and explore, depending on the kinds of tasks you want to accomplish.

The How-To’s are a great way to get rapidly up to speed with Oath Ad Platforms advertising as you define your campaign objectives, create native ads with images or videos, and more.

Learn how to drive traffic to your website Learn how to target and track conversions How to drive app installs How to create more clicks for your ads

Complete Topic List

If you’re new to Oath Ad Platforms advertising, you can start with Ad Basics, learn how to create campaigns and ad groups, and move on to learn how you can take advantage of Gemini targeting and reporting in your campaigns.

Topic Task
Yahoo Gemini Ad Basics Learn Native & Search ad basics, how to get started and create engaging ads for your campaigns.
Campaign & Ad Creation Create your first Native & Search ad and ad campaign, learn how to manage campaigns.
Ad Group Creation Learn how to create and manage ad groups.
How-To’s Pick up on tips and techniques for creating campaigns that drive traffic to your website, raise brand awareness, get more clicks on yours, how to create native ads with images and videos.
Billing Basics Learn how Oath Ad Platforms Native & Search bills you, using Post Pay and how to take advantage of auto-reload and ways to set up your payment account.
Keyword Basics Use Keywords in the Native & Search UI to search for keywords, view keywords, and to review performance stats and bid information associated with those keywords.
Bulk Use Native & Search bulk files to download and edit all the campaign data in your advertiser account and import bulk files easily using the AdWords Import/Editor tool.
Reporting & Key Metrics Use reporting to track key metrics for managing and optimizing your campaigns, with the Native & Search Report Center and reporting Dashboard.
Targeting Take advantage of Native & Search targeting tools for tracking conversions and creating custom audiences.
Yahoo Ad Polices Learn about Oath Native & Search advertising policies and guidelines.
What’s New Learn about new Native & Search features, updates and changes.
Glossary of Key Terms, Definitions & Concepts Learn Gemini terminology.
Resources Tap into and explore Native & Search advertiser resources.