The following are some frequently asked questions about working with in-app events in Native & Search.

How do in-app events work?

If you’re an app advertiser, you can send in-app events into Native & Search. You can use in-app events to build a custom audience for retargeting campaigns on iOS or Android, or to cross-promote your users to different apps.

You send in-app events to Native & Search via your standard 3rd-party trackers.

Supported 3rd-party trackers include

  • Tune
  • Adjust
  • AppsFlyer
  • Kochava
  • Flurry Pulse

How do I inform the 3rd-party tracker to send in-app events?

Each supported 3rd-party has an option in their UI to send in-app events to Yahoo Native & Search. To successfully send in events, you must enter the Yahoo Conversion Tag ID into the 3rd-party UI and choose which events to send in.

Where do I find my Yahoo Conversion Tag ID?

Open your Native & Search account and navigate to Settings > View tag code. On this page, you’ll find the Yahoo Conversion Tag ID listed, like this: ‘pixelId’:‘402930’. In this case, the Yahoo Conversion Tag ID = 402930.

Can I build a custom audience off of the in-app events?


How do I set up a custom audience off of in-app events?

Navigate to Tools > Custom Audience > App Events section of the Native & Search UI. Define the following:

  • The app to which you’ll be sending in-app events.
  • The name of the event category.
  • The name of the event action.

The dot pixel ID of your 3P that will send into Native & Search.


The event category, event action and dot pixel IDs that you select will need to match exactly what the 3rd-party tracker sends to Native & Search.